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I love your shots with the Woca and Fuji Provia film. However, I have been shopping around for a Woca without any luck. Do you think a regular Holga would work just as well? And as for the Fuji Provia, it is expensive, and slide film intimidates me, as I have never used it before. There is nowhere locally that develops it, so I would have to send it out to get developed, and would preferentially want it to be cross-processed, right? To get those great, saturated colors? Thanks for the help!

Asked by sarahaddison87

Thanks so much! My Woca has been a go-to camera for a long time… Unfortunately, a regular Holga will not produce the same effect, as a Woca is a plastic camera with a glass lens. That is what distinguished it from the original Holga when it came out. I had a little look online and apparently the re-released equivalent is the Holga 120GN (G for glass), which you should definitely be able to find.

For Fuji Provia, I won’t lie to you… nothing but slide film gives results like slide film. Plus, sales are declining so you (and everyone who reads this blog) should go buy a few rolls anyway :) Slide film is expensive, but if you’re shooting 120 it costs far less to develop than a roll of 35mm C-41.

If you’re cross processing, then you don’t need a lab that does slide film in-house, just C-41. Fuji Provia gives saturated colors with regular and cross-processing. Here’s a profile I posted on how it looks with various shooting and processing conditions: http://istillshootfilm.org/post/26422578400/photographic-film-profile-fujichrome-provia

If you decide to process as E-6 then yes, you would need to find a lab to which you can send it. Many labs do this, I’ve added a few on the Links & Resources page.

Hope that helps and let me know what you decide :)