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Meet My Babies: Part I

I have been collecting vintage cameras since I was a teenager, picking them up here and there in shops, at flea markets, and people’s basements (normally a gold mine.) I try to only buy cameras that still work (or only need minor repairs) to stop myself from becoming a borderline hoarder.

The Agfa PD-16 Antar: I’ve had this for so long, I don’t even remember where I got it, which at least means I purchased it in the United States. Shutter still works, takes 616 film.

This is a Univex that I bought at a street market in Barcelona a couple of years ago. It still totally works and takes great pictures (excellent choice for muted colors). Takes 120 film

I bought this Dacora-matic at the annual flea market in Torcy, France. I always find great stuff there. Still works, takes 35mm film.

This Zenit-E is a special edition for the 1980 Moscow Olymic Games (complete with serial number). Also a Torcy flea market find. Still works, takes 35mm film.

Interesting fact: This camera is the only one I have ever bought in over 15 years that still had someone else’s film inside. I am waiting to develop it for a special day when I need cheering up.

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