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Meet My Babies: Part II

Continuing in groups of four from Part 1, I present my next set of babies:

#1: Kodak Retinette: Yet another fabulous find at the annual Torcy flea market. This one needed a minor shutter repair, so I sent it to a fantastic guy in Florida who repairs all sorts of vintage cameras. Takes 35mm film.

#2. Cmena Symbol: I present to you the first of my beloved “Russian Collection,” since I am more obsessed with old Russian cameras than any others… it’s something about the glass. This guy, I ordered off the internet. Obviously still works, takes 35mm film.

#3. Novai 7000: I have never been able to find any information about this mysterious automatic plastic camera, but my guess is that it’s from the early 80’s. What I love about it the most is the super ghetto sound it makes when the film advances. Works great, takes 35mm film.

#4: Roniflex X 3000: This cute little guy cost me a euro at, you guessed it, the Torcy flea market (yet again, the key is to go early). Still works takes 35mm film.