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Spooky and Surreal Black & White Landscapes by Matt Pringle

Born: 1978
Location: Stirling, Scotland.
Photographing Since: 2008
Cameras: Kiev 60, Minolta Autocord, Holga 120N, Holga Pinhole.
Fav films: Ilford HP5+, Kodak Tri-X.

Matt on why he shoots film:

"The vast majority of my photography is focused on black and white cityscapes or seascapes. I predominantly shoot on medium format film. My reasoning for shooting on film are twofold. Firstly, there is the purely aesthetic quality of shooting medium format film. I find the tones and grain of film to be very complimentary to the style of photography I aim to produce. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, is the slower, methodical pace of medium format photography. I think I needed that time and space in order for my photography to evolve and develop.”

Matt on his black and white work:

"The images I create are very personal to me, and most probably say more about me as a person, and in a more articulate way, than I could ever express in words. I value feeling and emotion in my work above all else and I hope this comes across in the images I create. Photography is a great escape for me and I often try to capture feelings of peacefulness and solitude in my work. The empty streets, the heavy fog, the quietness of the early morning: it’s a world which I’m very happy to inhabit - far removed from the realities of modern day life.”

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Meet My 4x5 Pinhole Camera (from the Lensless Camera Company)

I got this baby over a decade ago and the Lensless Camera Co. still makes them today. There is a giant elephant standing in the room that is this camera, which would namely be the now-useless 4x5 Polaroid back. At the time of purchase, I paid a hefty penny for that Polaroid back… and used the crap out of it. Now it’s basically the equivalent of a floppy disk, but more on that later…

I also have 4x5 backs which work with this camera (both 4x5 film and backs are still readily available for anyone interested in delving in to larger formats.) I don’t use it often, but I love the wood and simple design.