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Sunday Ebay Deals: Get Stuff Like Mine Edition

For this week’s Sunday Ebay Film Camera Deals, I’m featuring cameras that I own personally plus light meters (by special request). Obviously, these are not my cameras, since I would sooner die before selling my babies, but rather the same make and model. Either of the models I’m posting are great for amateurs and professionals.

Let’s start with: The Nikon FM2- behold the glory that is the Nikon FM2… this baby is rugged and chic and built to last. Personally I have had my Nikon FM2 for 18 years; I have never had a single malfunction or need for repair and the light meter battery needs changing once every 8 years if even…

The fact that I can even post “deals” on the Nikon FM2 makes me cry inside:

  • Nikon FM2 (KIT): current bid $100, ends in 1 day, 50mm and 35-135mm lenses, 2 flashes, cable release, filters

Moving on to: The Mamiya Sekor (1000DTL) - ahhh yes my coveted grandfather’s camera. I watched from afar for many, many years and then the moment I saw my grandfather bust out his digital camera 2 years in a row at Christmas (which is funny because I’m a Jew, interesting story…) I pounced on that shit like a hungry lion.

First of all, let me just say that the way many photographers feel about Hasselblad and Leica (hello, not everyone loves a rangefinder) is the way that I feel about Mamiya. And lot of other photographers agree with me. When you buy a Mamiya, any Mamiya, you are buying top quality. My dream camera is an RZ67 (possibly w/ a digital back for work, hello bank breaker) but even the lowly Sekor takes magnificent photographs…. and on Ebay they are practically giving them away:

  • Mamiya Sekor 500DTL: minimum bid 1 cent (yes, really), ends in 5 days, comes with 50mm lens, case, and instruction manual. This is the brother to my 1000 DTL
  • Mamiya Sekor 1000DTL:  starting bid $8, ends in 6 days comes with what appears to be a 50mm lens and instruction booklet
  • Mamiya ZE (UK): minimum bid 29 pounds or buy it now for 35 pounds, ends in 6 days, comes with 50mm Mamiya Sekor lens. I do not have this particular model, but it’s still a Mamiya in great condition

And last but not least: Sekonic Light Meters - investing in a great light meter is never a bad idea… but even now they are not cheap, considering they still have application in the digital era. I got my light meter (a Sekonic Zoom Master L-508) in college with a HUGE student discount and still use it today. The equivalent (since mine is no longer manufactured) is the DigitalMaster L-758DR, and sells for $500-$600 (which is actually way less than the original price of my light meter in 2000.)

  • Sekonic L-508 Zoom Master: starting bid $200 (I paid more than this with a big student discount 8 years ago), ends in 6 days, incident & reflective + flash sync and zoom