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Film Photographer Spotlight: Oleg Oprisco

Name: Oleg Oprisco
Age: 25
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia & Kiev, Ukraine
Photographing For: 4 years

Camera: Kiev 6C + Kiev 88 and a set of optics - 90/f2,8 + 180/f2,8 + 300/f4

Fav film: Kodak Portra

Oleg on why he shoots film:

My journey began in Lviv, Ukraine when I was 16 and just started working at a photo lab, where met the film. Like plastic, color and depth, which creates only the film. This is very special choice for me. I see film photography as a game in a casino. You can win big or lose it all. I press the shutter release button and then I have to wait to find out the results when the film is processed. The game doesn’t end there. I spend a really long time waiting. Only after scanning and post processing I can see the end result. It’s a very cool feeling, addictive like a drug.”

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