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Meet My Kodak Brownie Starlet II

This baby was given to me by my wonderful sister-in-law and mother-in-law, complete with original packaging. The camera itself is in mint condition, works perfectly and actually looks as if it was never used.

A little on the Starlet II: it has a fixed-focus lens and was manufactured from 1957-1962. It takes 127 format film, but could easily be adapted for 35mm, with a 4x4 cm image size.

I added notes for the 127 post but for your resources:

Some useful 127 resources: onetwoseven.org.uk.

Dev in the US: rapidphoto.net/c22.htm
Dev in the UK: processc22.webs.com


In the US - frugalphotographer.com
In the UK - ag-photographic.co.uk


Asked by filmus-monochromus

Yay awesome! Thanks :)

hey, today I bought a vintage Kodak brownie witch ususes 127 film. I was wondering where I could buy this film, and where to get it developed? I probably don't have the budget to devleop it myslef, so that not really an option. Also I was wondering if I could use 35mm film as opposed to the 127 film? Like if the 35mm film was taken out of it's metal casing, and then used like the 127 film? I'd like to have some interesting effects, so I'm up for trying anything really. Thanks :) xxx

Asked by le-venin-deactivated20120209

127 film is pretty much dead as far as I know (but then again I don’t know everything so let’s see if someone corrects me with good news)¬† but yes I feel like a 35mm Holga-style hack could be completely possible, and may yield some super cool results. Rather than taking the 35mm film out of it’s canister, try something more like this: http://tinyurl.com/2vq67sk

Good luck, and let me know how it turns out :)

UPDATE: I knew I could count on you guys, check the comments for where to find 127 film