Submit Your Film Photos

General guidelines for all submissions:

- Submit only your own work.
- Include the camera and type of film.
- Include any links to your website or online profiles which you would like included if your submission is published.

- Nudes are acceptable, but keep it tasteful.

Single Image Submissions

Use the Tumblr submission form at the bottom of this page to upload single image submissions. If you do not have a Tumblr account, you may also use an email address.

Please use the following format for text:

“Film Photography Submission By: [insert name/link]

-camera model, film type

-title, personal text, supplementary links to work/profiles

*Do not enter a link as the “Source URL.”

Series & Story Submissions

ISSF accepts film photography series and story submissions, for those times when one image just isn’t enough! Guidelines for multiple image submissions:

- Minimum 5 images, maximum 10
- Images must be related to each other in some way or be part of the same shoot.
- Include a short text (approximately 300 words) about your images, including the camera and type of film used.
- Email images with a longest side resolution of 1200 pixels to with the subject line: Story Submission

Portfolio Submissions

ISSF accepts portfolio submissions to feature work from photographers who have dedicated themselves to the art of film photography. Photographers who shoot digital as well are more than welcome, as long as you only submit film photography work. Email 20 low-resolution scans to with the following information:

- Your name, age, location and number of years you have been photographing
- A link to your website
- The camera(s) and film brand(s) you use most often.
- A short (200 words) explanation for why you choose to shoot film.

Guest Post Submissions

ISSF looking for guests bloggers interested in sharing their film knowledge and expertise, including but not limited to:

- How-To Articles
- Product Reviews
- Alternative Processing Techniques
- Famous Film Photographer Profiles
- General Film Photography News/Opinion

Articles should be a minimum of 400 words; you may use your own photos to illustrate techniques and concepts however ISSF reserves the right to remove photos that do not meet quality standards. Guest blogger photos are linked back to a source URL of your choice. Posts from guest bloggers feature a short bio about the author with a link to his or her blog, as well as social media mentions on Twitter and Facebook.

If you think you have an interesting idea to share, please send an email to with your title pitch with a short summary of what you intend to cover in your post and the email subject heading “Guest Blogging Pitch.”