Sell Your Film Camera

Do you have a film camera that you would like to sell? Do you want to target your sale to thousands of dedicated film camera lovers and collectors? For a measly $1, your film camera for sale can be posted on I Still Shoot Film and get a warm, loving home.

The camera must be in working condition and you must be selling it for a reasonable price. A “reasonable” price means within the general range that is currently on the available market, such as eBay or B&H used cameras. Have a quick look on either of these sites before contacting I Still Shoot Film if you’re not sure.

Please send an email to with the subject “Film Camera Sale Post.” You will be contacted for further information, but be sure to have photos of your camera on hand. I Still Shoot Film has readers all over the world, so please include where you are willing to ship and which options you provide.

*I Still Shoot Film’s “Sell A Film Camera” is for individuals wanting to sell their cameras. For companies interested in advertising on I Still Shoot Film, please email directly.