Meet My Zeiss Baby Ikonta (520/18)

This is one of my newest babies, it was given to me by my brother, and I think it’s one of my oldest. It’s a Zeiss Baby Ikonta, model number 520/18 (which is actually important because there are many, many Zeiss Ikonta models.) It was manufactured from 1932-1936 (which makes it 2nd to my 1913 Voigtlander). I decided not to ask my brother how much he paid for it, since it’s in mint condition and the shutter still works…. and I want to keep it… because I think if I let him tell me how much it was, I would have probably told him to take it back. But I did not, so crisis averted yay! This baby takes 127 film, but I’m going to respool some 35mm to test it out.

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