Meet My First Born

Behold: my first baby. Actually, it’s a very long story, but this is technically my 2nd baby… I’ll explain: For my 10th birthday, my brother gave me a Nikon FG with the very 50mm lens you see above. I used it happily for a year until one day it stopped working, so I took it (my mom took me) to a camera shop where I was told it had severe water damage and could not be repaired. I swore to my mom that I had never ever gotten it wet…. turns out that my brother actually dropped that camera on the bottom of the Shenandoah river the previous year. I was so sad and my parents felt so bad so they got me the body of an FM2. And I’ve had it ever since. I should also note that my brother is not actually a horrible person, even though the forementioned incident could give the opposite impression.