Shades of Blue: Wadden Islands of the Netherlands by Bert Raaphorst

Name: Bert Raaphorst
Location: The Netherlands
Cameras: Leica M6, Leica R3

Bert on shooting film:

"In my own experience in shooting film for more than 30 years I’ve always enjoyed the slower pace of shooting with film, being more deliberate and serious about the shots I take. Knowing I’m limited, only getting 36 photos on a  35mm roll  it forces me to  think about each shot. I slow down and compose my images more carefully.  There’s also the  excitement that I get when I first see my slides after waiting for the film. And I don’t get that feeling when I’m downloading images from my digital camera or  memory-card."

All photographs shot with a Leica M6 or Leica R3, Elmarit 28mm lens,  and Kodachrome 25.