The Essential List of Photographers We Should All Know

For anyone claiming to be a photographer,  or a photography enthusiast, or even interested in photography should be familiar with the people on this list. Without them, photography would be nothing. I know I am forgetting tons of people… Also, I am not necessarily including modern photojournalists, because that’s a whole new ball game and I’ve also listed some people that are less “famous” but still very influential. Please feel free to reblog and add to the list:)

These 3 basically invented photography in the 1830’s. There are many arguments on this:

Early Pioneers

The Farm Security Administration photographers (Great Depression):

Biggies (in no particular order):


*I’ve added some people that I suddenly remembered, and some that you all brought back to my attention. (Again, still not listing photojournalists since it is a very different “photographic world” and the list would contain thousands of people.)