Film Photographer Spotlight: Perry Manuk

Name: Perry Manuk
Age: 31
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Photographing For: 13 years

Cameras: Hasselblad 501CM
Fav Films: Fuji Acros or Ilford Delta 400

Perry on why he shoots film:

"There is an organic quality to the film that is that I just don’t find with digital. It is this organic quality of the film that keeps me coming back to film in this digital age. I strive for that same organic feel in my photographs and shooting digitally just creates more complications in trying to achieve it. I also do a lot of long exposures and traveling—which having something that doesn’t rely on batteries is really beneficial for. There is still a huge gap in resolution between what I shoot and most digital cameras available. Which leads me to the other digital camera dilemma for me—No square format cameras! I know I can shoot in any format and crop square, and I’ve tried it. I get much better results—in composition—when I shoot square rather than cropping after the fact. But really what it boils down to is I get better results with film so I’m sticking with it!"

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