Lomography’s Bringing Back 110 Film: ORCA

It feels good to announce the revival of a type of film for once! I am so tired of reading about (and posting about) discontinued and unavailable film…. but not today. Oh no. Today we talk about the fabulous folks at Lomography (because let’s keep it real, they are doing a huge part in keeping film alive) and their decision to bring back the illusive 110 film.

For those of you who are not familiar with 110 film (also sometimes referred to as “pocket film), it used to be super popular and worked with tons of cheap (and less cheap) cameras.  In fact, I totally remember a pink 110 film camera that I won as a child at King’s Dominion (VA represent); I loved it so much and it took crap photos. But alas, I digress.

You may recognize 110 film as this:

Yeah, Kodak doesn’t make that anymore. And until now, if you had a 110 film camera you had to scour the net searching for people who hoarded large stocks of it before it went out of production.

Lomography must have sensed the growing desire to use old 110 cameras and has released ORCA: a black and white 110 pocket film (ISO 100.) They’ve even removed the anti-halation backing on the last four frames to allow for light leaks. Here’s an excerpt official press release:

"The first production run of 5000 Orca films has a special unpredictable feature – a missing back paper that allows the last four pictures to catch light leaks."

This is what Orca 110 film from Lomography looks like:

Head over to Lomography’s website to buy some Orca or view sample images.