I'm thinking of setting up my own dark room, in my spare bedroom.
What'd your reckon I need to get. I have quite a large budget.(For someone my age, at least.)

Asked by yourclogsarewank

Well, it’s not at all a small endeavor…. first you’d need to seal up the entire room and make sure it’s light tight (completely dark). Then you’ll need:

  • - 2 counter tops for a “wet side” and “dry side”
  • - an enlarger (diffusion or condenser)
  • - chemical trays for developing
  • - negative carriers (35mm or medium format depending on what you’re working with)
  • - a cropping easel (for printing)
  • - a safelight
  • - running water
  • - chemicals for film & paper (developer, stop, fixer, photo flo, perma wash, and water bath)
  • - paper (RC or Fiber, I prefer fiber)
  • - tongs (DO NOT stick your fingers in the chemicals!)
  • - orange cloth and spray air for dust
  • - paper safe
  • - drying rack for prints
  • - film clips (for hanging film to dry)
  • - timer (for printing)
  • - grain focuser
  • - I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

Have a look at http://www.ag-photographic.co.uk/darkroom-equipment—accessories-67-c.asp

Even if you’re not in the UK or don’t want to buy from them, everything on their website is split up into handy little lists like “wet side essentials,” “dry side essentials,” “paper developing,” etc.

You will also need to find a way to dispose of your used fixer, since it is totally illegal to pour it down the drain as is and is considered hazardous material. If your budget is gigantically huge, buy a silver separator… if not see if you can find a local lab that will let you dump your fix (they should be MORE than happy to get the free silver.)

Good luck and let me know how it goes :)